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High-Energy Content to Build Your Brand

Everybody already wants to hire you and buy your products.


People want great things, and you have great things to offer. We only need to get them fired up, so they’ll take that first step.


We will create or a website for your business. If you already have a website, we will publish articles and videos to build your web presence.


In the moments when someone learns about you or your brand, they should see some words and phrases that give them a good feeling. Some words leave the reader feeling great, inspired, and ready to take action.


Tell me about your goals! You can email me




We use a special recipe. It begins with the authentic, inspired ideas from two or more freelancers, and that’s the alchemy. We synthesize and refine it into content that hits hard and leaves a mark. High energy content uplifts the reader, and then blam!  We punch him in the face with a poignant call-to-action.

Affordable Video


and even


A lot of people say it takes $100,000 to get into business, but actually it only takes a few hundred dollars to start building a brand with high quality content.

When people search Google, they will find articles and videos about your brand.

We will actually write articles about you and your products.  That gives you a lot of legitimacy.  We will also create a Youtube channel and publish videos featuring your product or brand.  In fact, let’s spend some time over the next three months to create an informative website about a topic of interest to your target market, and it will direct them all to your sales page for conversion.
We can provide video testimonials, video product reviews, keyword articles, or even an entire blog all about a topic of interest to people in your target market who need a service or product like the ones you provide.

We can also reach out to customers and tell them about you!

We will promote you on reddit, craigslist, Facebook, or another platform you suggest.   We can tell them honestly about what you have to offer, always contributing meaningfully to the discussion.  (never spammy).

Your Personal Brand: How is your web presence?

What happens when someone searches Google for the name of your business? Perhaps you have a car dealership in California, or a restaurant in Miami. Search for the name of your business + the city where it’s located, and see what you find?


Customers search for the name of your business all the time. They look at reviews while they try to talk themselves into becoming your customers.


A business with strong web presence has a lot of credibility.

We can create a strong “web presence” for your personal brand.

That means people will find impressive videos and articles when they search for your name, or the name of your business.


Search right now for the name of your business, or for your own name. What do you find? If you search for your own name, you might not find anything about you because other people with your name have stronger web presence.



Everyone is on Linkedin, but most people don’t have websites. A WordPress site is as easy to use as Facebook and a lot more professional. A link to your own website sets you apart from everyone who relies on Linkedin. You can still have a Linkedin profile, but now it will include a link to your own site. I invite you to enjoy more great work from my network of experts.



Content Creation Campaign ($69-$195 per week or more) Tell us about your business, and we’ll propose a Content Creation Campaign that includes a blog, several articles, a video, and (optional) craigslist/reddit/facebook marketing.




We will write article written about you, or about the product /service you offer. When someone publishes an article about you, that provides a lot of credibility. We can write several articles about you, and we’ll also mention you in a video. A few keyword articles, blog posts, and videos about you will create an impressive web presence to enhance your brand, or make you a stronger job candidate.


Professional Bio/Profile

If you’d like to get 300 words written, the price might be $88. If you want your bio to be 500 words, we’ll probably quote a price around $145. This is more expensive than most of our writing services. For other writing, like blog posts or keyword articles, we’ll write 300 words for $45.